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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week

DSC_0041This week I want to cover some of the new research around the impact that kindness has on us and others – and to encourage you to not only continue giving hugs, but also to give a little extra kindness this week.

Kindness is an amazing thing. It has a special impact on us and those around us and it helps create serotonin (known as the ‘happiness hormone’) in our brains.  It makes us feel good.

Research has now shown that an act of kindness doesn’t just increase the serotonin levels in the giver and the receiver of the act, it also boosts serotonin for anyone who observe the act – including complete strangers.

So if you want to start your day feeling good, make a random act of kindness something you try to do most days.  It will make you – and others – feel better.

Another wonderful thing about kindness is that it is contagious.  It turns out that if you are kind to someone, they are likely to pass that kindness on to another person.  So you can create a mini-revolution just by being kind.

Occasionally you will get someone who isn’t comfortable with your kindness.  Give it anyway and don’t react if they are less than grateful.  Sometimes people have had such a hard life that they are naturally suspicious and angry.  While you may not see the impacts of your kindness on these people initially, trust that it is having an impact (even if they don’t want to acknowledge that).

I have included two links here on kindness:

Also, if you haven’t read the book, Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hide, I encourage you to grab a copy as soon as you can.  It is a great read and has some excellent ideas about making the world a kinder place.

I hope you liked the photo at the start of this post.  It is my Uncle Mac who is always doing kind things for us at our farm.  In this one, he was helping Grahame paint our lounge room. We have been very blessed to have so many people be kind and helpful to us over the years – including our parents, our children, wonderful friends and relatives.  We are so grateful for all of your generous gifts of kindness.

Which leads me to one of my random acts of kindness for today.  For those of you who are feeling a bit flat or just want some techniques on how to stay resilient in these ever-changing times, I am running a free Building Resilience Webinar next Monday, 17th February at 6.00pm (AEDT).  Click here for more details.

If you know anyone who might also benefit from some resilience strategies, please pass the link on to them too.

I hope you enjoy the serotonin hits – and please pass some kindness on this week  🙂

Finally, please feel free to share anything in today’s blog that you think might be helpful to others.

Until next week, stay gorgeous and share your kindness.


 Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.



Your Legacy

IMG_2036I have just finished reading How will you measure your life?  by Clayton M Christensen.  He is an extraordinary man who reminds us that to live a successful life, you need to take time out to reflect on what success means to you – and then you need to navigate life while remaining true to your vision for your life.

It is easy to get caught up in day-to-day dramas and we can be easily distracted from our purpose if we are not careful.  Reading his book and attending a Robin Sharma conference in December has reminded me that the time to start on my legacy is now.

So today, I would like you to consider what you truly want to stand for and leave behind.  Every single one of us has amazing talents and gifts.  Some of us allow those gifts to shine through, but many have hidden them – perhaps because someone once made a comment that helped you decide you wouldn’t share them with the world, or perhaps you are scared that you will be judged or mocked.  Perhaps you were told that your talent wouldn’t pay the bills, that you weren’t actually talented – or no one ever encouraged you to follow your talents. 

Remember, it is never too late to start.

Today my wish for you is that you will take some time to think about what your true talents and gifts are.  The ones that make you happy.  Don’t be one of the people who lives their lives in quiet desperation. 

Today, take one small step to bring your talents and gifts out into this world.  Think about what you want to leave behind on your last day, what you want to be remembered for.

Every single one of us is extraordinary.  There is not another single person on this planet that can do things exactly as you do. 

Today, stand in your brilliance and help light up this world.

You are amazing.

Until next week, be extraordinary.


You are unrepeatable.  There is magic about you that is all your own…

D M Dellinger