The Simple Pleasures In Life

DSC_0136Stop for a moment as you read these words and just be still.  Take a deep breath in and then let it slowly out.  Then do it again.  Feel the simple pleasure of just breathing and being present in your body.

In this hectic world, many of us miss the simple pleasures because we are too busy.

This past week I have had friends and relatives helping out at our farm, doing wonderful things like building raised garden beds and helping to clean the yard up.  My job was to cook for everyone.

I made just about everything from scratch – something I don’t often get to do.  Things like banana and raspberry bread with fig butter, home made sausage rolls, Long Track Cafe’s yummy choc chip cookies and various types of homemade bread.

I have discovered the simple pleasure of making homemade bread.  There is something really satisfying about mixing the few ingredients, letting them rise, kneading the air out of them when they have risen, letting them rise again and, finally, putting the loaf into a hot oven and filling the house with that wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread.  The best bit, however, is the simple pleasure of sitting down with loved ones and enjoying the end result of your labour.

My favourite was a No-Knead Ciabatta Bread recipe by Chef John of Food Wishes Blog  who has a great video showing you how to make it this Italian bread and it is delicious – it takes very little effort and only uses four ingredients.  The major thing is the time it takes to get ready (the bread takes 20 hours to rise) but that is part of simple pleasures.  Don’t be put off by the time, all you need is a little planning.  For example, if you want bread for lunch you start it at 3pm the day before, if you want it for dinner, start it at 9pm the night before.

Here is a list of some of the simple pleasures I have experienced in the past week, which have made my life richer for me noticing and being grateful for them:

  • Wonderful relatives and friends who generously gave of their time and effort to help make our farm more of a home
  • Planting our summer vegetable garden in our new raised garden beds
  • Talking to my parents on the phone
  • Looking at all our rose plants that are in bloom
  • Enjoying homemade wood fired pizzas. bubbles, laughs and great company at our wonderful friends, Sandi and Peter’s place
  • Filling the bird baths with water and watching the birds play in them afterwards
  • Sitting up the back with family and friends and enjoying a meal and a drink
  • Walking along our dirt road holding hands with my husband as we took our dogs for a walk
  • Patting our cats
  • Driving back from the farm with our eldest daughter and having uninterrupted chat time
  • Watching two videos with our youngest.

This week my wish for you is that you look out for, and enjoy, the simple pleasures that fill your life.  Time is the most precious thing in your life – fill it with simple pleasures.

Until next week, have a magical one  :-).

 Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.

Henry David Thoreau 

6 thoughts on “The Simple Pleasures In Life

  1. Sandi

    Another great read. And thanks for the special mention 🙂 it’s always a pleasure to cook pizza for great people who appreciate it xxxx can’t wait to visit you at the farm again 🙂

      1. Sandi

        Most definitely…. Pasta making was a blast last time. But maybe we need to start a bit earlier next time…. Lol

  2. Paula

    More great advice….. I really should have stopped to smell my roses today but instead ran around town doing chores by the time I finished my day off was almost over!!!!! Tomorrow I am taking a few minutes to STOP and smell my roses. thanks Danette xoxo

  3. Connie Henson

    We had the pleasure of enjoying your bread and your company this weekend and now I have the pleasure of reliving it by reading your blog — thank you! C


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