You Are Gorgeous

IMG_0808Everyone of us has unique talents that make us gorgeous.  No one is exactly the same as you.  Many people hide their talents or dismiss them.  Perhaps they work or live in a  place where their talents aren’t appreciated.

At Robin Sharma’s recent Titan conference there were two pieces of advice that I absolutely loved and I would like to share them with you.  I would encourage you to ponder the wisdom of these words.

The first one came from Dr James Rouse, ‘If you find yourself in a room where you are asked to dim your light, excuse yourself and move forward elsewhere.  Do not let others dim your gift.  Find those that appreciate what you bring to this world’.

The second one was from James Victore, ‘The world wants what you have, bring it out’.

I love both of these quotes because they are terrific reminders that we are all unique and have special gifts that need to be shared.

It is when we stand in our own brilliance that we light up the world.  Whether it is your gorgeous smile that makes others feel loved, your talent with words, or your ability to sit and listen to someone else without judgment.  Whatever it is that you find easy (and probably dismiss because it is easy) are the things you need to do more of and share with the world.

Some people are scared of their talents or have believed well-meaning advice from people who don’t share these talents and therefore have hidden these talents away.  Please make this week the week that you pull out those talents, dust them off and start using them.

My wish for you this week is that you explore and use your talents.  You (and your talents) are a gift to this world and, when you know that to be true, you can’t help but be anything other than gorgeous.

Finally I would encourage you all to read (daily) Marianne Williamson’s beautiful poem, ‘Our Deepest Fear’.

Until next week, be gorgeous.


If you listen to your fears,  you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.

Robert Schuller




4 thoughts on “You Are Gorgeous

  1. Allison Bates-Down

    I really love these thoughts. I forget that I could have something already instead of always looking to improve on some attribute I want to create. Thanks for this Blog Danette

    1. danette Post author

      Thanks Allison. That is so true. Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy who we are and what we bring easily to this world:-).


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